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The Audio/Video Communications department is always looking for individuals who  might enjoy learning how to become an Audio and/or Video technician.  Whether you are an  existing church member or you are someone who is currently in search for just the right church, Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church welcomes you to join us in the balcony any time you would like to watch and see if this is something that you may be     interested in.  Please call any time you would like at the number listed below and I will meet you before church to show you how to access and view a sermon as well as all  of the "behind the scenes" activity from the balcony.  From there, you can ENJOY one  or our church services from the Audio/Video Communications department while getting to see and learn how we capture the audio and video each Sunday.  If this looks like  something that you would be interested in, I (or one of our Communications Department staff) will be glad to train you to become a camera and/or a soundboard technician and ultimately  broadcast our church services live to the internet. This is a  very fun and exciting way to help fill an increasingly important roll in church media  while, at the same time receiving the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ through awesome services delivered by Pastor Bridget Dowdy.  Please feel free to contact me at any time so I can provide more details about these two positions as well as other technical projects  that we are currently working on.

  Please consider how using your newly acquired skills during church services can  help Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church reach out and spread The Word of the  Lord Jesus Christ to people all over the World.  YOU CAN DO THIS! 

 Once again, thank you so much for your patience, contributions and support.

                                                                  Anthony "Tony" Wright